The Baglady’s Guide To Elegant Living Book Testimonials


The best books are those that…
      Entertain us
Inspire us
And touch our hearts.


book coverThe Baglady’s Guide to Elegant Living does just that!

Women (and men) from all walks of life have found a new favorite in this delightful parable.

And you will too!

There was one passage in the book that I carry around and show to people. It’s an explanation of how you should live your life. It was said so beautifully.

– Carolyn Timmins


I was pulled into the story in every way. It caught me from the first page.

– Cheri Conrad,



It made me want to go get a notebook and do the things with her (Angela). It was like the Baglady was talking to me!

– Rhonda Rhoades,
Worship Coordinator


It brings to your attention the many blessings in life that you otherwise take for granted. The Baglady was so accepting and taught by helping you see things differently. She showed you how to listen to yourself. The story applies to anybody. Especially people who tend to be negative could really benefit. Instead of avoiding them, I can give them the book. Maybe they will read it and see something in it because the Baglady teaches a lot of lessons we take for granted.

– Lourdes Ylagan,


Maybe you feel trapped,
or frustrated by the life you are living.

Possibly you have just lost your sparkle.
If so…

I’ve got a Baglady you really ought to meet!


It’s a very inspiring book. Not religious and not self help, but kind of in between. I don’t know that much —about religion. It was interesting to read your take on how God works.

– Cindy Kotara,
Accounting Clerk




One of the things that really got my attention was the part about praying without ceasing.I had never thought of it that way. That was one of my favorite things. I have heard about praying without ceasing but I never realized that it is happening all the time with all my thoughts and actions.
I read it in 2 days and really enjoyed it. It makes you realize that things around you are not as bad as you think they are. It gives you a new perspective on the situations in your life. I also loved the cards with great sayings on them. I need little cards like those as a reminder.

– Amanda Johnson,
Elementary teacher and new mother

I Loved Rose. I could just picture her going through that bag. And those little cards she pulled out had a lot of good advice on them.

– Debbie Dillahunty
Mother and Secretary


What I liked best ….that it was a positive message that takes some of the fear out of exploring what else is out there. Women tend to be afraid to venture outside their comfort zone. The answers are so obvious that sometimes we don’t see them.
The Baglady reminded me of a fairy Godmother. I think her reaching inside her bag was a great concept.

– Sandra Dollarhide,
Retired Spoiled Person


It was so uplifting and positive. As I was reading, I kept thinking of people I could give it to. I loved the Baglady. She was sweet yet firm. I liked the way she kept moving Angela forward. She reminded me of Della Reese in Touched by an Angel.

– Kimberly Boothe
Home schooling mom


It was so thought provoking. I could really identify with Angela….. a woman in the business world and the pressures of being a working mother. The Baglady was a very intriguing, eccentric old woman full of knowledge and life experience.

– Jenny Ecord,
Nurse Practitioner


The Baglady has such wisdom about life that we easily forget. I really enjoyed the relationship between the two characters, especially given the difference in their ages.

– Michelle Sell,
Stay at home Mom