Grandma Looking at Me


My Aunt Rose Audrey is in her 90s. She is at the time in her life when she wants to see to it that each of us get whatever keepsakes we may want from her home.

The one thing I have always wanted is the single photo of my grandma, just the way I remember her.

It was taken in the 1960s by my mom, in front of the fiberglass curtains at our house. Never wanting to deprive anyone of their photo, I’ve not even asked about getting one.


Aunt Rose Audrey has this picture of grandma in her living room.

On a recent trip, as I was walking down the long hallway from the back porch to the kitchen, I noticed the same photo sitting on the dresser in the back bedroom and asked if I could have it. To my delight, I was able to take it home that same day.

Now grandma’s photo sits in my living room next to the television. She smiles the same loving smile that welcomed me all my life.

And she smiles my Baglady’s gentle and loving smile. Because, you see, she was the inspiration for the character.

If I could have one wish for each person in the world, it would be for you to have someone like my grandma in your own life; a person who always loves you unconditionally, just as much thru all your trials as thru your accomplishments.