Recognizing Your Angels

IMAG0088We’ve all experienced it. Trying our best to make something happen and there are barriers at every turn.

First we try Plan A. Then go at it from a different angle.

Plan B. We back up and try it again, but someone, or some thing is messing up the plan.

Two things can happen next.

  1. We rage against the person or thing standing in the way.

2. We sink into the ‘why me’ syndrome

“Why me? Why can’t I make this work? Why is this person being mean? Why won’t my car start? Why, why, why?”

angelsIf you are encountering a lot of resistance in moving toward something you are wanting, you may be in the company of angels you just don’t recognize as such. The Angels of Closed Doors.

I’ve come to realize that there are no enemies on the way to fulfillment; only signs, angels if you will.

They’re helping steer us away from the wrong path as well as toward the right one. To get on board with this idea, we must accept that we don’t always know the whole story behind a dead end. The very thing that is an aggravation could be steering you safely away from a problem yet unseen.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, but an adventure! Thank heaven I’m getting wiser to this truth as life goes on.

When I find myself hitting road blocks at every turn in a project, it’s important to step back, take some time for reflection and offer up a thought or prayer of willingness to see the situation differently.

After all, when I’m not supposed to go in a particular direction, I do want to know!

If the universe is all loving and God knows the deepest yearnings of our hearts, how can he help us, even protect us, if the noise in our heads is so loud that it drowns out his quiet voice?

The answer: The Angels of Closed Doors.

Your Birth Story

babyRight before you were born, God placed in your right hand a brand new artist’s canvas, rolled up like a scroll.

And in your left, a handful of bright colored paints. He hugged you tight and kissed you on the forehead. “Go into the world my child and make of your life a beautiful masterpiece.”

Shocked at the sight of a newborn armed with such sophisticated materials, the doctor pried your little fingers from the gifts you were born with to your screams of protest.

“A baby cannot possibly have the skills to paint on canvas with oils.”

Soon they were replaced with a page marked with soft blue lines, each with a number in it and crayons labeled with matching numbers.

As they tucked these in your crib, you were assured, “Life was about staying in the lines and painting by the numbers. If you do that everything will work out fine.”

And that is a lie! 


Because we forgot who we were meant to be, we are all in the process of finding our way back.

In the past, we have thought that if we go to the right schools, get the right job and marry the right person, that everything will work out fine. That would be true if we were choosing from a soul perspective.

But most of these decisions are based on the perspective of others. Life really starts to work when we throw away the coloring book, open up a new set of paints, and discover who we were really meant to be.

Ready! Set! Go!

Falling Apart in Reverse

images83N6J625Right before Christmas, my legs both stopped working. Walking became so painful that, after consulting 2 chiropractors, I went to minor emergency on Christmas Eve.

Imagine going from perfectly fine to feeling disabled in a matter of days.

It was kind of scary, but I’m good in a crisis.

So I followed the doctor’s instructions, took the drugs, and went in for tests to see what could cause this major upheaval in my ability to function.

The tests came back with no insight as to my problem.

Yesterday marked a month from the beginning of this little detour into the world of sitting still with my leg up.

I’d been handling it pretty well. Well… let’s say I’d been maintaining my sense of humor about the situation.

Still, it was starting to get scary.

There are so many things I had to alter. My friends were going to the store for me, etc.

My leg seemed to be getting worse by the day instead of better. I still have a week before I can see the orthopedist and I really felt like I was further damaging my leg with every step I had to take.

Last night I called on a friend who is an athlete. I knew that he had dealt with his own sports injuries for many years. I conveyed to him all the issues I was having.

He brought over 3 different kinds of knee bands and explained what he thought might have a happened to start me on this downward spiral.

The very minute I put on the bands, the massive pain of taking a step was relieved by such a great degree that I almost cried.

Suddenly, I felt like I would get better.

Long story short….

This is the way it always goes for me in a crisis. I’m cool as a cucumber… just plodding along trying to find an answer or solve a problem.

Then, the moment the crisis starts to abate, all the scary stuff I must have been holding inside come gushing out in the form of such overwhelming gratitude.

I’m actually walking around my house today. Both legs doing their share. And I’m crying.

Why cry now?

Should I call it “falling apart” or “falling together?”

No matter what I call it, the reason is gratitude. Beautiful, sweet, pure and simple gratitude.

Life Questions

whose llife

Most of us are actually living someone else’s idea of what is right or wrong.



Think about it for a minute. Your family and peers have had a great deal of influence over everything you think today.

It only takes pondering a few ‘facts of life’ to see the truth in it.

Junk food or health food?

High school, trade school, college degree, graduate studies?

How often should you change the sheets on your bed?

Community college, state university, ivy league school?

Resort vacations or camping?

Driving or flying?

Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s?

Those early childhood and school experiences do influence us into adult life. Unless you actually look directly at your influences, you are basically living the dreams, thoughts, and norms of the people you have surrounded yourself with.

In the past, these people helped us set a basis for life as they saw it.

By becoming conscious of your influences, you start to have an opportunity to consider which ones are in alignment with the real you and which ones no longer fit.

whose success

No one completely escapes the pull of other people’s expectations.

And there is no denying that it does take a degree of personal fortitude to take in all those opinions of who you should be in the world while still attempting to strike the perfect balance of what will also work for you.

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t been swayed by other people.

Your parents have expectations. So have your friends, co-workers, siblings and even the person behind you in the checkout line.

We all want the other people in our lives to be happy. And many of us, for most of our lives want them to be happy even if it means that we compromise what we want for what they think we should want.

So what do you do?

It’s good, first of all, to acknowledge how your early choices have been made.

New awareness gives you a chance to take another look at those choices. Assess what serves you well and make changes to those things that are no longer in alignment with the new, more enlightened, You.







Mustard Seeds, Mountains & Men


Several years ago a strange thing started happening in my life. At first I didn’t even really notice.

It just happened to be in the men who came into my life.


A guy had just broken my heart and I was sitting across from a dear friend crying over my lost love.

Larry listened patiently to all my woes, handing me tissues at regular intervals and letting me vent.

I was totally burned out with the life I’d been living. A bonafide workaholic, my values were all materialistic. I lived in a huge home and had surrounded myself with all the creature comforts. It sounds good on paper, but I was really unhappy with every aspect. The man was just the icing on my cake of discontent.

After I’d calmed down, Larry got my attention and asked me, in all sincerity, “Dina, what do you really want?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, I told him that I wanted to move to a commune and grow vegetables. I could see myself standing in a beautiful field of green in a gauzy dress and large brimmed hat, my apron holding today’s bounty. I wanted a more spiritual life, one that had meaning.

At the end of my description he said, “ You probably wouldn’t want to leave your ivory tower.” (That’s what he called my house.)

I assured him that I would gladly leave it for happiness.

Then he countered with, “You wouldn’t want kids.”

And I convinced him that I was finally ready to have kids. I could do that.

After letting me get my whole idea out, we ended our conversation and life went on.

tumblr_mo3r2x82bq1s8b6s6o1_500Within a few days, I met a widower with 6 young children who lived way out in the boonies. He was 100% back to nature; wood heat, no air conditioning, composting, gardening, home schooling. You get the picture.


Basically everything I had asked for. But, at the time, I didn’t tie it all together.

He ended up being too difficult for me. His religious views and dominating ways were over the top. (But then I had asked for something kind of ‘over the top, hadn’t I?

So, the next thing I decided I wanted was someone educated and logical who didn’t believe in God at all. And, if he did, I never wanted him to talk to me about it.

Low and behold, along came the perfect match to my latest asking.

That was also a disaster. If there is anything that is important to me, it is my spiritual life. For me to say that I never wanted to talk about it was strictly the pain of the moment .

I still had not made the connection between my thoughts and my results.

God, needed to finally get me to see what was going on……

A few weeks later I attended a lecture where the speaker talked about manifesting the things you want in your life.

I had a eureka moment. I had unconsciously been asking everything that was happening to me.

I argued that manifesting was not all it was cracked up to be. And, while he was teaching people to do it, everything in me was saying “no.”

At some point I asked him why, considering how much trouble it could cause, was it something to experience.

His answer shook me. “Only thru the experience will you see how very powerful you are.”

As it turns out, our asking, is a form of prayer. I did not know that I had been praying.

My outcome was disturbing, but the results sure did teach me to monitor my thoughts.

Now that I know that my thoughts/prayers are so powerful, I finish all my asking with “If it be Thy will.”

More than anything, I want my life to be what is in the highest good for all concerned.

The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. I only want to move the ‘mountains’ that God would have me move.

And men?  My prayer for a good man?

Lord, only if it be thy will. And you choose.

Tornados, Earthquakes and Terrorism

Having grown up all my life in Kansas, Dorothy’s neighborhood (think Wizard of Oz,) tornados were our biggest terror.


Even though they can be frightening, you can do something to protect yourself from a tornado. Even though people in less windy parts of the country find them a horror that can’t be lived with, in Kansas it’s just business as usual.

When I moved to California in the 70s, my mom kept begging me to come home. Even then, it was predicted that one day the “Big One” (earthquake) would break the state off into the ocean and drown us all without a moment’s notice. But I loved it there so I decided to live life to the fullest and take my chances.

The difference between earthquakes and tornados is that in a quake, there’s really nowhere to hide and no warning of one approaching so you can try to protect yourself.

We now live in terrorism country, where some person or persons can all of a sudden create the same kind of fear. Unlike a tornado, there is no advance warning. When you are in the midst of a situation it’s too late to wish you were back in Kansas.

In this unsettling time, instead of letting your fear take over, remember that life on earth is always risky business. I could walk across the street and be hit by a car. Your heart could stop beating tomorrow.

Now, more than ever, we need to look more deeply at the life behind the life we seem to be living to our bigger life, the eternal one.

Why am I here in the first place and am I ready to be called home to my bigger life at any moment?

Do I trust, have faith that I will be taken care of here and through eternity?

Have I loved well?

Have I taken the time to really know the people in my life?

Is there anything important that I have left unsaid?

With these important things handled, let us go fearlessly into our days knowing that while we are here…. We live a life of great worth.