A Deliverance of Biblical Proportion


Have you ever felt like things were so bad that the only solution was running away?

I did. One year I determined to fit all my most important possessions into 12 boxes.

“Why 12?” you may ask.

Because I2 was how many would fit in my trunk.

When whittling your life down to the bare necessities, you will realize just what really is and is not important.

When Jesus asked the disciples to throw down their nets and follow him, they traveled even more lightly than that.

My material life with all its material things had left me so spiritually empty that if Jesus had come along and offered me the same deal, I’m sure I would have taken him up on it.

I fantasized about how it would feel to just ride off into the sunset and never be seen again.

At some point, my husband shook some sense into me by telling me how I would never be able to live with leaving my new boss in the lurch.

He was right, of course, but I couldn’t help the feeling that my situation had much in common with Abraham being instructed to kill his only son… In this case, the sacrifice was to be me.

The very next day I went into work with a new attitude. Rather than trying to figure out how to escape the job I hated, I determined to see it through.

The second day of my commitment, my new boss was coming into town to meet with me. I even stopped by a shop and got him his favorite coffee drink.

The meeting started at 8. Within 10 minutes he fired me. He FIRED me!!!!!

Most people would be upset by such news, but I felt that God had decided to spare me.

I was elated.

Those 12 boxes really helped me see that all the big things are nothing in comparison with being happy and feeling free.

Give me 12 boxes and a spirit filled with joy. I’ll be just fine.

What would you put in your 12 boxes?