Changing up the Order for Success


There are all kinds of success trainings and wealth seminars happening every day throughout the world.

I’ve taken many and given a few of them as well.

But why don’t they stick? We go and get all excited, take lots of notes, buy the program CDs and videos. And then we go home and back to the lives we had before. Not too many days go by before the things we learned take a back burner to the daily grind.

What will really make the difference, the lasting difference, the true transformation in your life?

The real answer is in changing YOU. But that is the last place most of us will look. The teaching of the world is out of order.

We are taught to DO.

DO go to college

DO get a great job or start a business

DO get married, have a family, buy a house, buy a bigger house…..

DO, DO, Do

Then we think we will HAVE

HAVE success

HAVE the American dream

HAVE all the things money can buy…..

HAVE, HAVE, and HAVE more

Then we will BE

BE happy

BE fulfilled

BE truly successful.

However, after following this path of DO-HAVE-BE, most of us find that we worked hard and sacrificed our time and attention on things that, in the end, did not give us the happiness we thought would be the reward.

The good news – Finding true success only takes an instant. One dramatic instant where you flip the order of the 3 little words.


First BE who you really are. When you are in your highest state of BEingness, you will only DO what is in alignment with who you really are. The rabbit trails will be a thing of the past.

By Being authentic and Doing accordingly, you will immediately HAVE the most important things there are; a love and life that is filled with true passion because it comes from your authentic self. Your beingness.