the “Common Core” Generation

untitledRecently I was asking Dakota, a 4th grader, how she was doing in school. As it turns out, her grades were straight ‘A’ except for math. In math she got a ‘D’.

Cody, Dakota’s dad, overheard our conversation and immediately voiced his contempt for ‘Common Core Math’. He said there was no way he could even help her with the homework as he could not figure out why 2 + 2


couldn’t just equal 4 like it used to. (I know this is a stretch, but bare with me for a minute.)

I commiserated with him, being as confused by the whole thing as he was.

A few days later I was talking with my Tabitha, my Goddaughter who is a middle school math teacher. She is teaching “Common Core”. What an enlightening conversation!

Tabitha explained that kids grow up today with computers, debit cards, etc. they do not even experience the same things we grew up with. For instance, they have no reason to learn how to count back change. Actually, people are even getting away from using real money in their transactions. Many things are handled automatically that used to be ways for learning basic math skills in real life.

Therefore, kids in this new age do not develop the natural deductive ability to discern whether or not the mathematical answers they get make any sense. If they use a calculator to add up 285 + 300 and they push a wrong button, the answer may come up 3,285. They have not developed any skill for being able to immediately see that it cannot possibly be the right answer. The world they live in did not teach them that logic.

“Common Core” is geared to teach in such a way that the kids learn to estimate. Through that method they learn the logic we acquired naturally by simply growing up in a different time…. In a different world.

For many of us, it is almost impossible to fathom that things could be so different than when we grew up, but actually they are.

Some 3 year olds know more about operating a smart phone than I do. I was in my 40s before cell phones even existed.

By the time they get their first account, they will graduate to a debit card and the bank will do all their calculations for them. They will not look into their billfold to see how much money they can spend. They will go online and the bank records will tell them.

“Common Core” is a way of teaching what many of us think of as ‘common sense’.


The Ultimate Turn-off

flipOur world is so full of diversions that we are essentially tuned in and turned on all the time.

Even though we’re not supposed to be texting or talking on the phone while driving, we’ve always got our Garmins to keep us connected.

All our kids have smart phones, laptops and televisions in their rooms. Let’s not forget video games.

We are a turned on society every waking hour of the day.

textIf we get up in the middle of the night we even check our texts.

But it is actually the ‘Ultimate Turn-off that would be the biggest ‘Turn- on’ if you would give it a chance.

You know why?

God talks to us in the space between our thoughts. But when you keep your space so occupied with external things, your internal life is what suffers.

Silence for many is a scary thing and so we keep our minds rushing from one thing to another not realizing that what we are missing is the peace and contentment of our spiritual connection.

Communion with God will be challenging until you learn to quiet the negative self-talk running rampant in your head.

If you can’t hear guidance until your head is quiet and…. you feel like you can’t get quiet without some guidance….. it can feel like a catch 22.

Replacing your ‘head noise’ with a positive thought is a great first step. Find an affirmation that feels good to you. Anytime you notice negative thoughts, calmly repeat your affirmation. Repeat it several times if necessary.

It’s all worth the effort. Soon you will be listening to the sound of peace.

Fortune on Your Doorstep

opportunity everywhere“There are more opportunities on the block where you live than you could handle in a lifetime.”

Many years ago I listened to a lecture by a wealth expert. The most interesting thing about his talk could be gleaned in that one sentence.

That was such a dramatic assertion that my mind immediately left the lecture and scanned my neighborhood back home.

I could see nothing.

I rejoined his speech as he started to explain that previous statement. To my surprise, he described the neighborhood where he started to build wealth, and it looked a lot like the one I grew up in; lower middle class.

Low and behold! He was right!

Opportunities were everywhere!

The problem was, my eyes….. and my mind were not programmed to see them.

So quick….. Take a look at the street you live on!

“There are more opportunities on the block where you live than you could handle in a lifetime.”

If you can’t see a great deal of potential right in front of you, YOU also need a new vision and…. A change of mind.

You’ve come to the right place. The answers will surprise you.

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Dina Dove