I’ll be Satisfied When….

crystal ball

We are always looking to the future when we get the new car, the kids are all in school, when we get a bigger house….   Then we will be happy.

The problem is not your present situation that keeps you looking forward to a more perfect time. It is your perspective.

When your mind is anywhere besides this present moment, you are off the track to happiness.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘The joy is in the journey.’

But let’s face it. We think of that saying as just happy little words instead of the profound truth that it actually is.

When I’m on a relaxed Sunday ride through the countryside it is an entirely different experience than driving down that same road on the way to work. Everything is exactly the same except my attitude.

In one I am enjoying the journey and in the other am not even noticing it.

In order to experience all that each precious moment has to offer, we have to actually take the time to notice that moment.

When you see the blessings of today, you stop thinking ‘when’.

“The trick to getting the life you want is to love the life you actually already have.” The Baglady


Even if you don’t think your life is perfect, there are parts of it that are. So, rather than dwelling on the shortcomings, focus on the good things. You’ll see very quickly that more and more good will emerge.