I’ll be Satisfied When….

crystal ball

We are always looking to the future when we get the new car, the kids are all in school, when we get a bigger house….   Then we will be happy.

The problem is not your present situation that keeps you looking forward to a more perfect time. It is your perspective.

When your mind is anywhere besides this present moment, you are off the track to happiness.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘The joy is in the journey.’

But let’s face it. We think of that saying as just happy little words instead of the profound truth that it actually is.

When I’m on a relaxed Sunday ride through the countryside it is an entirely different experience than driving down that same road on the way to work. Everything is exactly the same except my attitude.

In one I am enjoying the journey and in the other am not even noticing it.

In order to experience all that each precious moment has to offer, we have to actually take the time to notice that moment.

When you see the blessings of today, you stop thinking ‘when’.

“The trick to getting the life you want is to love the life you actually already have.” The Baglady


Even if you don’t think your life is perfect, there are parts of it that are. So, rather than dwelling on the shortcomings, focus on the good things. You’ll see very quickly that more and more good will emerge.

Faith like an Onion

faith onion

I’ve had God in my life as long as I can remember but having faith is something each of us grapples with over a lifetime.

It’s easy to say you have faith. And… much more challenging to actually ‘Have Faith.”

So how would real faith look?

What is the truth of its gift to us?

If we had complete faith almost everything in our personal worlds would look different.

I would know that no matter what it may look like at any given moment, everything is going to be ok.

Ponder that for a minute. Isn’t that the ultimate faith?

Some of the best advice I ever got came from a mountain man. At the time, I was trying to terribly hard to control the things that were happening in my life and the lives of those close to me. Talk about stressing out, I WAS!

mountain man

After listening to me patiently for quite some time, he stopped me in my tracks with his gently spoken statement. “ Dina….. do you realize that the sun rises and sets every day without your help? Grass grows, seasons turn… Why do you feel so responsible for everything?”

The mountain man really drove home the idea that it is not our job to try to control things. The Universe really is doing very well without our help.

God has shown us thru the way he handles all the basics that we are in very good hands but still we question.

Billions of cells in our bodies work in concert to have us walk, talk and breathe. Our hearts beat in rhythm. Babies are born.

When you look at the big picture there is no logic to indicate that we and not God should be in charge. And yet, our trust has limits.

So, our growth in faith is like the peeling of an onion.

As we notice a fear and give it up to spirit. We peel a layer.

We release a little control and there goes another layer.

There are tears when dealing with onions, but in the end they are happy tears.

As time goes on, we remember who we are and how well we have been taken care of.

The closer we get to the center, the lighter we feel.


Grandma Looking at Me


My Aunt Rose Audrey is in her 90s. She is at the time in her life when she wants to see to it that each of us get whatever keepsakes we may want from her home.

The one thing I have always wanted is the single photo of my grandma, just the way I remember her.

It was taken in the 1960s by my mom, in front of the fiberglass curtains at our house. Never wanting to deprive anyone of their photo, I’ve not even asked about getting one.


Aunt Rose Audrey has this picture of grandma in her living room.

On a recent trip, as I was walking down the long hallway from the back porch to the kitchen, I noticed the same photo sitting on the dresser in the back bedroom and asked if I could have it. To my delight, I was able to take it home that same day.

Now grandma’s photo sits in my living room next to the television. She smiles the same loving smile that welcomed me all my life.

And she smiles my Baglady’s gentle and loving smile. Because, you see, she was the inspiration for the character.

If I could have one wish for each person in the world, it would be for you to have someone like my grandma in your own life; a person who always loves you unconditionally, just as much thru all your trials as thru your accomplishments.

Recognizing Your Angels

IMAG0088We’ve all experienced it. Trying our best to make something happen and there are barriers at every turn.

First we try Plan A. Then go at it from a different angle.

Plan B. We back up and try it again, but someone, or some thing is messing up the plan.

Two things can happen next.

  1. We rage against the person or thing standing in the way.

2. We sink into the ‘why me’ syndrome

“Why me? Why can’t I make this work? Why is this person being mean? Why won’t my car start? Why, why, why?”

angelsIf you are encountering a lot of resistance in moving toward something you are wanting, you may be in the company of angels you just don’t recognize as such. The Angels of Closed Doors.

I’ve come to realize that there are no enemies on the way to fulfillment; only signs, angels if you will.

They’re helping steer us away from the wrong path as well as toward the right one. To get on board with this idea, we must accept that we don’t always know the whole story behind a dead end. The very thing that is an aggravation could be steering you safely away from a problem yet unseen.

Life is not meant to be a struggle, but an adventure! Thank heaven I’m getting wiser to this truth as life goes on.

When I find myself hitting road blocks at every turn in a project, it’s important to step back, take some time for reflection and offer up a thought or prayer of willingness to see the situation differently.

After all, when I’m not supposed to go in a particular direction, I do want to know!

If the universe is all loving and God knows the deepest yearnings of our hearts, how can he help us, even protect us, if the noise in our heads is so loud that it drowns out his quiet voice?

The answer: The Angels of Closed Doors.