Unlock the Mystery

all the answers

If you just read the box, I bet you’re thinking, “ Oh yeah, RIGHT!”

Believe it or not, you actually do have some internal wisdom that you can tap into.

Everybody has it, but most of the time it is that nudging that we try to ignore. You may have spent so many years denying it that you are completely oblivious to fact that it is still there, quietly in the background .

Here’s one that is a sure fire sign for me.

Whenever I am in the midst of a project or a situation….. and I’m having a degree of unrest with some aspect or another and I think to myself…..

”Oh…… it will probably be all right….”

Well, that’s my hint. My intuition is telling me ‘no’ and I am attempting to ignore it.

And then, when things have gone to ‘hell in a hand basket’ (as my mother would say) I beat myself up with this…. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

Sound familiar?

On the other side, it is what brings a smile to your heart when things are working out ‘just right’ or you are moving in the best direction. You feel lighter, optimistic.

Listen up….that’s your intuition talkin’.

The good news is that the more you pay attention, the more clear your messages will be.

“All the answers to the questions you have been asking really are right in front of you.”

When in doubt, take a moment to access your intuition, your God connection. It will never let you down.

The French Fry Thoery

I took my first course in financial education from a French fry.

Most kids and most parents seem to think that working for McDonalds is not a very worthwhile first job. But I contend that you can learn everything about life and businesses from a stint in the fast food industry.

When I went to work for Sandy’s Drive In (It was later bought out by Hardee’s), the organization proceeded to train us on everything from how to greet a customer to how many French fries to put in a bag.

Being your typical ‘know it all’ kid, I was not impressed with what I referred to as the ‘propaganda training films.’

I was especially put off by the one that explained the huge impact of putting one extra fry in a sack.

The film proceeded to explain that the waste of one French fry amounted to a bag of fries within a few short minutes.

In the course of a lunch rush it could easily amount to a loss of revenue from 5-6 bags of fries.

Multiply that over all the Sandy’s in town and it is a case of fries a day.

Multiply that times the hundred stores in the chain and it could easily amount to a hotel full of lost revenue over a year.

“1 French fry? Be real!” I thought.

And the joke was on me.

Later on I became a business owner and found that “The French Fry Theory”, as I later came to call it, was the purest form of truth there ever was.

And, it applies to everything from paper towels to attitude adjustment.

Though few of us ever consider it, every little thing makes a difference. One French fry can alter the profits of a whole company.

Take the idea further and consider that something as simple as a helping hand received and passed on from one neighbor to another can change a city.

It’s the small things that make a big difference.

Every little thing matters when you can see the big picture.

Dina Dove


As an author, speaker, and coach, I am dedicated to helping my clients find the deeper meaning in their lives that will lead them to more fulfillment in career and personal life.




“Courage under Fire”

I just finished re-watching “Courage under Fire” with Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan.

I won’t give you any specific details.

You might want to watch it again….. with new eyes.

This movie is such a shining (or should I say glaring) example of the power of these two actions: lying and truth telling.

Lies eat at us, cause us to be self destructive, sometimes they even so deplete our energy that they lead to major illness.

Our shame may be so great that we think it unspeakable.

But the moment we can speak it, confess our shortcoming, the burden is somehow lightened.

We still have to deal with the wrong of whatever it was, but just speaking it takes so much negative energy out of the thing…… whatever it was.

It is so important to have a friend, a confidant, someone with whom we can confess our transgressions.

I’ve not done anything too terribly bad, but still I need someone to console me in my guilty feelings.

Actually, my friends don’t usually console me, the feeling is more that of someone to stand by me and hold me up thru love as I take the rest of the steps. Acknowledging is only the first one.

Follow that up with doing anything possible to make right on your wrong.

Ask for forgiveness.

Make restitution.

Finally, forgive yourself, vowing to take the higher ground in the future.

Painful mistakes do serve a purpose. We learn from them and become better in the end.

Have “Courage Under Fire” to do the right thing.

In the end you will be glad you did.

Dina Dove

Please share your insights with me on how you’ve grown from past errors.