Refrigerator Wisdom Expanded

Knowing I wanted to get a blog out today, I went to my favorite resource for material.

The internet, you might ask?

Notes from college or higher education?

Heck no. My refrigerator door.

That’s where I stick the post-it-notes upon which I have jotted down insightful tidbits to ponder upon at a later time.

Today it’s a quote from Carl Jung.

“What we do not make conscious emerges later on as fate.”

My hat is off to Carl for this one. Pure wisdom, probably spoken by a man who, like me, first ignored the subtle hints and later the clear evidence, only to be hit upside the head with the proverbial 2×4 in the end.

Oh… if we could only pay attention to our life as it is unfolding.

Well, we can.

Every minute of every day our lives are ‘speaking’ to us. They’re ‘speaking’ in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

All we have to do is notice what our intuition is trying to tell us.

Dina Dove